Welcome 2 My World

September 18, 2016


This was never my dream, only wanted some dough/ but the music I make enables me to grow/ to a man from a boy confused from the trauma I faced/ thru these lyrics, my spirit came out and showed me my place/ a king in my essence to bring all these blessings to u/ but I struggle myself and now I'm confessing to u/ just the plight on my soul that gets lighter every time/ I open my heart and put all my pain in these rhymes/ but I never tell all, I keep most to myself/ cuz ppl say that they will, but really, won't none of'em help/ so I'm depending on me to keep me sane and uplifted/ disregard those who think I'm cocky cuz I believe that I'm gifted/ a unique individual that's livin' his life/ accomplishin' the goals that I set whenever I write/ and some say it ain't right, but who are they to say that it's wrong/ for me to put my soul out for u to play in a song....

July 14, 2016

What Really Matters...

I killed a bug this morning and felt like a hypocrite...smh   Because at that point, I realized that ALL lives didn't matter the same to me...

So I started thinkin'...  Plants and animals are living organisms that we kill for our own benefit...  Did their lives REALLY matter up until the point of our need to nourish our bodies???  

What about those who go hunting?? They kill animals for sport... It's nothing but a game to them! 

Sadly, the overall psyche of America hasn't changed much since slavery, when black people were considered "property" and 3/5 of a person. Slave owners saw the black man as an animal to be treated as such. Til this day, that overall perception hasn't changed much....smh

I see the Black Lives Matter movement as a movement for equality, similar to the Civil Rights Movement. And just like the Civil Rights Movement, there were people who offered their dissenting opinions (All Lives Matter) in order to maintain the status quo...  

But, can YOU honestly say that ALL lives matter the same to you??

#BlackLivesMatter. #EqualityIsTheGoal

May 27, 2016

Time for Change

Gettin tired of bein the face of the brand/ but I have to be since no one will take that stand/ I'd rather sit back and do what I love/ but a leader has to be the one that rises above/ so I put myself out there, promoting and selling/ interactin wit folks and always tellin'/ them about the philosophy and what it all means/ to be Guilla and everything in between/ I get caught up in my feelings tho and wanna just quit/ cuz sometimes I really can't stand this shit/ but I've come too far just to turn back now/ and the money I've invested would make u say wow/ and the return has been meager, nevertheless/ can I really say that I gave my best?/ at times I have, but I'm inconsistent/ while some ppl say they value my persistence/ the drive ain't there, the passion ain't either/ always wanted to make everybody believers/ but I prolly need to focus on believing myself/ or believing in the ones whose receiving my help...

April 21, 2016

Where Do I Begin??

Sometimes it's difficult to get my motivation up/ got studio equipment but it feels like a bluff/ ain't made music in a while, it's like I don't care/ laying around bored, livin a life with no flair/ watching movies is fav pastime even tho/ I don't pay attention very well ya know/ gotta bunch of software I play around with/ tryin to make money bein independent/ goin' to work full time ain't really workin' for me/ still feel like there's a void, but what can it be/ confusion sets in, then I start feeling doubt/ don't know what to do if I went without/ pray that angels speak to me and for me to understand/ am I on the right path or deviatin' from the plan/ cuz tragedy can strike close to home and afar/ sometimes I feel compelled to speak about it in bars/ but that inspiration goes just as quick as it comes/ I thought laziness was only for the snakes and bums/ here I go again passin' on judgment/ and when I look in the mirror, all I see is the grudges/ that I've held over the years and that I hold right now/ even if I'm in denial, I see just how/ it effects me on a level beneath the skin/ tryin to find my way, but don't know where to begin/